Louise Hickman

Transcription Machines: Feminist Labor and Access Work

Summer 2012, there are two buzz words in circulation, independently and in conjunction with one another: superhuman and inspiration. At the ugly end of the spectrum, ‘inspiration porn’ is making its appearance across social networks; a larger man with artificial limbs leans down to a young girl, also with artificial limbs, written across this image …

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Transformers: How enabling design has transformed disability

This forthcoming show at the National Centre for Craft and Design looks fascinating – ‘Transformers: How enabling design has transformed disability’, from 14 July to 30 September.

2012 is the year that the Paralympics come home to Britain and we are celebrating this with a summer exhibition looking at how enabling design has transformed disability. In the face of adversities the human race has an uncanny ability to survive, repair, learn and improve.  Transformers will look at the brains behind some of these designs and innovations and at the people who use them. (This is museum own wording, I disagreed with face(ing) of adversities comment, there is no need to overcome disability)

July 12, 2012

[Picture description: The large, circular form represents the wheel of the wheelchair, above this is a small circular black tennis ball hangs suspended in space, with the tennis racquet poised to smash the ball across the net] Today blog is honoring Murray’s appearance in the Wimbledon Men’s Final, I am following the theme of tennis, …

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Visual collection of disability zines: Zines are available at Never Twice Esty Store Blog: When Language runs dry Pathologies this: a zine about mental health – Blog/Shop: Fluxxii is a not-for-profit distro of mental health zines. Blog: functionally ill – mental health zine, made of paper and thread