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Transcription Machines: Feminist Labor and Access Work

Please find this call for contributions from Eva Egermann, who is currently based at UC Berkeley for a research project.
Crip Magazine began in 2012 as a self-published art-zine and collection of materials on crip issues, art, culture and representation contradicting categories of normal/abnormal. The first number featured various articles and interviews as on radical crip movements, an anarchist outcast night as well as subcultural, left and queer contexts of disability, experimental texts like an extra-terrestrial song text, eccentric pieces of writing, cosmic creatures or uncanny imaginaries on feeling bad.
The idea that “writing” is a “technology of cyborgs,” was taken up in the magazine. As Donna Haraway puts it in the “Cyborg Manifesto,” cyborgs struggle with perfect communication, the one “code” that translates and transmits all meaning perfectly. This is why cyborgs insist on noise and demand pollution. Noise Publishing.
The upcoming issue will be a collection of all possible kinds of crip materials (e.g. images and artworks, essays, interviews, short stories, etc. etc.) We encourage contributions that focus on crip pop culture, art, radical social movements or deal with pain/suffering and works that open up a transformative perspective on body issues and bodily relations.
The magazine will be bilingual (English/German) and visual or artistic contributions are especially welcome. For accessibility, visual contributions should include audio descriptions. Works can be sent in a format (A4 or US letter format) or as raw texts or image files. Please send your proposal until 30 November (final contributions are due by 30 December).
Contact: e.egermann@akbild.ac.at
Note on accessibility: Crip Magazine progresses in process. We offer audio descriptions as well as various formats that can be read by e.g. Speech software. The magazine will be available online and can be downloaded free of charge.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    Is there a website for this? Sounds like a great magazine!

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